Video Marketing Blaster Reviews

Main Features

Are you searching for some genuine ways to increase the traffic on your website or YouTube channel? During this process, you get to know about Video Marketing Blaster (VMB).

But you are confused about whether it is really a good product or just a scam. Then do not worry you’ve arrived at the perfect site.

In this article, we will do a complete review of Video Marketing Blaster and tell you about what it is, its features, pricing, and everything else. So read this article till the end, and by the end of this article, you can decide whether you should signup for Video Marketing Blaster review in 2021 or not.

What is Video Marketing Blaster?

Video Marketing Blaster is software created by two online marketers Stoica and Vlad M. Both are working in the marketing field for more than ten years.

So they use their ten years of experience and knowledge about Google Algorithm to create an automated full package SEO tool.

This software is specially created to help individual content creators and online businesses to improve their traffic. Moreover, it is very simple to use this VMB software.

There is just a 3-step process to execute the automation. Firstly the software will generate a list of related keywords for your niche.

After that, the tool will provide you with the key phrases on which keywords your video can easily rank on the first page of YouTube and even Google.

Furthermore, it will even show you the number of estimated views you can get from that particular video per month. At last, the VMB SEO tool will automatically generate the title, description, and tags for your video.

So basically, it reduces all your guesswork and research work, due to which you can save your lot of time and only focus on creating quality videos.

Video Marketing Blaster Features

Video Marketing Blaster comes with many features, and below, we have discussed some of its most useful features.

Find Rare and Less Competitive Keywords

There are various high-volume undiscovered keywords in your niche that are rarely used by the content creators in their videos.

Due to which those keywords are very less competitive and provide you with an opportunity to get good results. This tool helps you to know about those keywords.

All you had to do is type a keyword in their keyword finder, and it will provide you with a list of related and low-competitive related to your targeted keyword.

Furthermore, once Google and YouTube algorithm favours your video content, it will immediately rank at the top on various keywords and provide you with a lot of free and organic traffic.

Automatically Generate SEO Optimized Title and Description

When it comes to the title and description of videos. It is a very hectic process to generate an SEO Optimized title and a good description that increase the chances of better ranking.

But Video Marketing Blaster has made this process very easy as it automatically provides you with titles, tags, and descriptions for your videos by using its algorithm.

Once your tags, title, and description are generated. All you had to do is copy-paste that information from the software to your YouTube video.

Instant Traffic

This tool not only helps you in increasing organic traffic but can also provide you with instant traffic if you spend money on it.

You need to buy an Adspace, and after that, pay money for every click you get. This method is suitable for people who have a good budget and can’t wait for their video to rank organically.

By using this paid method, you can spread your video to a large audience within very little time. This method is generally used by the event organizers and some other businesses that have time-sensitive information in their videos.

Competitor Analyzer

Video Marketing Blaster provides you with an option to analyze all your competitor’s channels and websites. So you can know what strategies they are following to get good results.

Moreover, by using VMB, you can analyze their videos and even find out in which areas their SEO Optimization is poor.

So you can improve that thing in your videos and then stand a chance to get a better ranking than your competitors.

Rank Tracker

Once you upload many videos on your YouTube channel, it will become difficult for you to track the ranking of each and every video.

So VMB provides you with a rank tracker feature through which you can use to keep track of video rank, views, likes, etc. Moreover, all this information will help you to know whether your video is performing well or you need to do some changes to it.

Video Marketing Blaster Pricing

The normal pricing of Video Marketing Blaster is $97. But right now, there is a $70 discount, and you can get it just for $27. To buy this product, you need to visit their official website and click on the buy now button.

After that, you need to make a one-time payment of $27, and then you will get signed up for it. Once you complete the above steps, you can start using this tool for improving organic traffic.

Pros and Cons of Video Marketing Blaster


  • The software is very easy to use and beginner-friendly.
  • No need for coding and designing knowledge.
  • Video Marketing Blaster works on full automation mode.
  • It includes 60 days money-back warranty.
  • The customer support of the software is okay.
  • It has affordable pricing.


  • The software is only compatible with windows. But you can use the web version on the Mac.
  • Sometimes it takes more than 20 seconds to generate data for some keywords.

Final Verdict about Video Marketing Blaster

Video Marketing Blaster is an effective SEO tool that will surely provide you with an advantage over other people. The software can help you get higher rankings.

It comes with various great features such as rank tracking, keyword finder, auto title, tags, and description generator, etc.

If you are thinking of buying the Video Marketing Blaster, then there is no problem with that. You should get it without any worry as there is no loss in purchasing this product.

I hope this article provides you with detailed information about Video Marketing Blaster SEO Software. If you found this article worth reading, don’t forget to share it on social media.

Thank you!!!