Speechelo Honest Review with Pros and Cons

Speechelo Review USA 2021


Are you a YouTuber who is curious about his video and searching for a high qualified text to voice converter software for your videos? So, no more worry about that. Let me introduce a new application named Speechelo. Speechelo is a great cloud-based software that can translate your text to human voices. Now you can really create human type audio in your video. Speechelo is a unique AI technology to convert your text into audio or video. The Speechelo aimed to help you such that it offers you more than 25+ languages and 30+ human voices. In the market, there are several more software like this, but the main problem arises that those software does not sound right, and some of few sounds robotic mechanically. In comparison with them, Speechelo software is one of the best time and money saver.

Speechelo in detail

Speechelo is a great software created by Stoica, its niche is to convert text to human voice over with all levels of skills, and it is highly recommended with effective response support. No matter if you are a Marketer, Content Creator, Freelancer, Agency owner, or a Video Designer; Speechelo comes with step by step free training and it is easy and fast, and no technical skill is required to use it. It is such an easy that in just 3 clicks you can create a human voice over, a high quality content for Video and Marketing content purpose.

Speechelo is considered one of the best text to human voice over software in USA, 2021. As mentioned above, Speechelo offers more than 25+ languages and it access the voice of 30+ voices for both gender male and female. You find the most spoken languages ranges from German, Turkish, Hindi, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, etc more popular languages across the globe.

A cloud based, long time termed tool software Speechelo; in future are updated regularly and new update may comes with more features, additional skills and more voice and languages. A pack of different plans are available for Speechelo users at different prices like in standard version you got to use 30 different voices in 25 or more languages, but in the pro version you have to pay more cost but you benefited more variants, features, sound of voices and languages.

Working type of Speechelo

As mentioned above, in just 3 clicks or we can say in just only 3 easy steps of manner you can make voice over in Speechelo. The steps are under below:

Step 1: Paste Your Text

Paste your copied text into Speechelo which you need to change it into our online text processor. Speechelo’s Artificial Intelligence technology will check and verify your content and will add all punctuation marks as expect to create the speech voice characteristic naturally.

Step 2: Choose a Language and Voice in your choice

After then they offer to give 30 more voices on your browser to choose. Now you can check each voice to hear and track down the best voice or sound for your content requirement.

In advancement, you can add breathing sound, choose a vocal sound of speech: Joyful, Serious, or Just Simply Awesome, and you can also take longer stop/pause at first, in behind, or at end of the speech.

Step 3: Generate it and Download it

Now, it will take 10 seconds or a while to generate a voiceover to the option you have selected as accordingly. After getting ready you can also change your voice over indifferent voice and languages.

And then you can download your voice over and use it in your YouTube videos or market projects.

Features of Speechelo

1. Voice Support:

It is the most valuable feature of Speechelo is that it have more than 30 human voices. In addition, it also provides a variety of background music track like cinematic tracks, joyful tracks, motivational tracks, and more different varieties of tracks like this. It also have three different vocal sound of speeches like Serious, Joyful, and Simplicity. Its all available in Standard version and in Pro version more features will unlocked.

2. Multiple Languages:

Speechelo software offers more than 25+ languages in different male and female voices. Including English, you can also work with other languages like Arabic, Mandarin, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Welsh and many more. As it supports and works 25 languages, it makes it more easy to use. So, the simple thing you have to do is just paste your script, choose voice and download it.

3. Online Word Converter:

If you are a YouTuber or a Marketer but you don’t like to use your own voice or any other in a video, then this software is perfectly fits for your choice.

The limitations words depends upon the applied packages of the software. The Standard package of this software allows you to create a voice over around 700 words limits only. But if you do not want to stop limidity then you should have to buy its Pro version package. Pro version increases its limits as well as the ability of this software. 

4. Long Voice Over (Breath and Pause):

It sounds so cool and very amazing that its Artificial Intelligence is works so potentially that you can apply breath sound, and longer pauses or stops at the starting, in the middle or at the end of the voice over.

5. No Expensive:

Say Goodbye to all those expensive software or applications whom you need to pay hundred dollars of money but you cannot get your perfect results. Now a new software Speechelo which comes with exciting features in just 47$ of cost and it is one time payable for lifetime.

47$ only for Standard version. If you want to unlock more features, then you should pay for a Pro version.

How much Speechelo costs?

Most of people says that the Speechelo software is a best audio converter software so it costs you hundred dollars for a month. It definitely not the case do not believe them. It is a one time cost and it is really very cheap in a cost, and it will cost you 47$. Most of software costs much a lot, but you cannot get your result as you expected, and some of them cannot afford it. But according to my recommendation, Speechelo is one of the best worth of money software which is affordable to everyone.

The features of this software depends upon its packages. The Standard version costs 47$ and gives a lot of features, but if you want to unlock more features, then you should have to pay for its Pro version. In Pro version word limit increases from 700 to unlimited type, allowed more than 25+ languages, provides more than 30+ male and female sounds, increases stability of background music and vocal sounds, and also upgrade the pause and breath sound longer period of time. Hence, I can say that Speechelo is a genuine text to speech conversion software, and you just spending your money in a worth software.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use, in just a few clicks, you can convert your words into voice over.
  • 30+ human voices available in both male and female gender.
  • Artificial Intelligence systemized tool.
  • Have to pay one time fee of 47$ only.
  • Pro version will unlock more languages and increases features.
  • Create your voice over in just 10 seconds.
  • Can run Speechelo without using Google API or without coding.


  • Standard version offers only 30 voice overs and 700 word limits.
  • Standard version work limited time only.
  • To increase software ability, you need to buy its Pro version.


Most of people are there who wanted to start a YouTube channel, or they are a Marketer, Content Creator, Freelancer, Agency owner, or a Video Designer who wanted to start their work with less investments. But in competition there are lots of applications or software and also they costs so much without their expected results and some people cannot afford them. I suggest Speechelo is one of the best software which costs least value and it can said that it is value for money.

Presently, the sellers offering Speechelo software for one time cost 47$ as it is new and you don’t need to charge it month to month. Just buy for it, otherwise you need to charge it month to month. But as in working comparison I suggest you Speechelo one of the best and finest software ever. Hence I conclude that Speechelo is a genuine and one of the best Artificial Intelligence technology based text to speech converter and I suggest for it rather than other softwares.


Is Speechelo any good?

Yes, it is most finest Artificial Intelligence program software. You can use it as a project for Market meetings or also for YouTube videos.

How much does Speechelo pro cost?

As Speechelo have two subscription modes: The Standard Version and The Pro Version. The Pro version costing is 37$ (for limited time), meanwhile The Standard version costs $47.

Can I use Speechelo for YouTube videos?

Yes, you can easily paste your text into Speechelo and just three clicks, you convert it in voice over.

What is Speechelo tube?

Speechelo tube is a software in which you can convert or change your YouTube video voices in different voice overs and in different languages.

Can you use Speechelo for audiobooks?

Yes, you can easily use Speechelo convert text to a very clear voice over for audiobooks, podcasts, and audio messages. No one can detect it that it is a work of Speechelo software AI text to speech converter

Is Speechelo cloud based?

Yes, Speechelo is a cloud based software.

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