Earth Mama Calendula Baby Oil for Infant Massage

Earth Mama Calendula Baby Oil for Infant Massage


Helping parents relax, connect and bond with their babies is something at the heart of Earth Mama. We’ve been called “go-to experts for pregnancy, birth, baby and parenting issues” in blogs and articles here on Huffington Postand , where we contributed our expertise on a variety of hot topics.

Now we’ve turned to the experts at Aerin (of perfume fame) and Leaping Bunny to bring you a blend of 99% certified organic ingredients designed specifically to help you connect with your baby during massage time.

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This is my favorite baby oil. It’s the best I’ve used. We have three other brands in our home but they’re all now just gathering dust. Earth Mama has been a fantastic discovery, and we’ll be using it for years to come.

Tried and true, Earth Mama Calendula Baby Oil is made with natural ingredients and has no fragrance, so it won’t interfere with your baby’s sensitive sense of smell. It’s also ideal for use on your baby’s delicate scalp, where it helps to prevent cradle cap and other scalp issues.

The base of this blend is grape seed oil. Some oils may feel a bit greasy or heavy on their own, but grapeseed has a lightness that makes it pleasant to apply without leaving a greasy residue (and without breaking out your adult skin).

The calendula flower infusion adds naturally soothing properties as well as antioxidants that help protect against damage from environmental factors like pollution and cigarette smoke (which can be especially harmful for babies).

Designed for use by massage therapists and pediatricians alike, Earth Mama Calendula Baby Oil is safe for use on newborns to age two plus their sensitive skin and scalps. This non-fragrant formula contains virtually no nut oils so you can use


Calendula-infused grapeseed baby oil blend for infant massage, dry skin and scalp. Virtually no scent, NO nut oils, NO parabens or phthalates. Petroleum and mineral oil free! Certified to The Leaping Bunny Standard.

Earth Mama Baby’s Calendula Baby Oil is an all-natural, 100% plant and nut oil blend, with absolutely no scent.

Our baby oil and calendula lotion are formulated using only certified organic ingredients and essential oils for the purest aromas for baby’s sensitive skin. Certified to The Leaping Bunny Standard, our products are never tested on animals.

Earth Mama Calendula Baby Oil has developed a gentle, pure baby oil that’s as soothing for a baby’s skin as it is for the mom’s hand. Calendula-infused grape seed oil leaves skin silky soft and moisturized – perfect for snuggly moments with your little one.

Calendula isn’t just a pretty flower though; it’s also used in medicine to promote healing. Earth Mama Calendula Baby Oil products are gentle enough to use every day, and are safe to use on mom too! All of our baby care products are formulated without petroleum, mineral oil, parabens or artificial fragrance so you can feel comfortable using them every day on yourself and your baby.

Combined with a few drops of our original hemp blend, this calendula-infused grape seed oil blend is the ideal moisturizer for infant massage and daily use. Our soy-free and vegan baby oil is ultra nourishing, gentle on sensitive skin and ideal during pregnancy.

Truly mild and gentle, this calendula-infused pack of oils is designed for babies’ delicate skin. With no scent and no nut oils, it’s just what a new parent needs for some TLC. Subtle color makes it perfect for mixing with our other baby bath blends

Glide Earth Mama Calendula Baby Oil for Infant Massage over your baby’s skin to evenly massage, soothe and illuminate. massaging is known for its health benefits in adults and children, but what about little babies?

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Benefits of Use

Our blend of calendula-infused grapeseed oil gently moisturizes, leaving baby’s delicate skin supple and smooth. Finished without all the harsh chemicals, this oil works wonderfully for diaper rash as well as dry skin. Try adding a few drops to bathwater for a soothing, moisturizing soak!

Once baby arrives, the entire family wants to make sure that he or she is healthy and strong. Our Certified 100% Vegan Organic Calendula Baby Oil for Infant Massage is the easiest way to do that.

Using a blend of ultra-nourishing, completely natural ingredients, our oil uses Calendula, Grape Seed and Sunflower oils, and essential Oils.

No harmful chemicals are used. This blend easily absorbs into your baby’s skin with no oily residue leaving their skin moisturized and lightly scented while gently massaging their sensitive skin.

New and improved to nourish baby’s delicate skin and hair, Earth Mama Calendula Baby Oil for Infant massage is made with a blend of certified organic, extra virgin olive oil, grapeseed oil and soothing calendula extract.

“Petroleum free” and safe for newborns, this botanically based baby oil is formulated to soothe dry skin and scalp while protecting your baby from the “newborn rash” caused by many commercial adult-use oils.

Earth Mama Calendula Baby Oil is a skin-and-hair-loving blend of the finest ingredients you can find!

Its light, nut-free formula is developed by our team of certified aromatherapists to bring you a high-quality blend of jojoba and grapeseed oils, with just the right amount of pure calendula extract, infused with therapeutic grade essential oils. A truly delightful experience for your baby and peace of mind for you!”

A blend of grape seed, apricot, and sunflower oils with a touch of calendula and vanilla extract. This light oil is ideal for massage in all seasons.

No parabens or petroleum, this pure blend is naturally rich in triglycerides, vitamin E and phyto-sterols. Sourced from non-gmo crops, free from synthetic ingredients, fragrance and nut oils.


We’re pleased with this baby oil. It doesn’t feel oily or greasy and it’s not sticky. It does have a faint herbal scent, but it’s pleasant.

The ingredients are all natural which is nice and the bottle is made from recycled plastic. The pump works well and the plastic cap that covers the opening to the pump is easy to open and close.

We love that there are no parabens or phthalates in this product and that it’s gluten-free.

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