Award-Winning Convenient Baby High Chair

Award-Winning Convenient Baby High Chair


Inglesina has once again designed a high chair that is perfect for your little one; this Award-Winning Convenient Baby High Chair. The expert design of this product makes it easy to carry along with you on the go.

This chair features a durable modern design and comes in an elegant black color along with an easy-to- follow instruction manual.

This high chair can be collapsed for storage, making it space efficient. It also sports a handy storage pocket where you can place the baby’s dishes, toys and essentials so you don’t have to keep looking for them during meal times.


In addition, it comes with an innovative sturdy metal tray that will keep your baby safe from spills. Fill your life with simple joy by bringing home this wonderful high chair for your baby today!

Inglesina’s Award-Winning Convenient Baby High Chair is a portable, lightweight high chair for babies and toddlers.

This product allows for quick and easy setup in less than a minute, folds flat to save space when it’s not in use, has a durable design that is easy to clean and maneuver, and a handy storage pocket that can be used for silverware or pacifiers. With an Italian design and colorful designs available, this product is sure to please.

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It may be called a high chair, but the Award-Winning Convenient Baby High Chair from Inglesina is nothing of the sort—it’s a portable baby seat that can go almost anywhere! Dining table? No problem. Couch? Have at it.

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Even on the beach, you can easily collapse this high chair and bring it with you so your little one never has to miss out on mealtime. As if its innovative design and portability weren’t enough to make us fall in love with it, there’s even a handy storage pocket that keeps dirty bibs and messy food within an arm’s reach. Finally, everything you need in one convenient place.

This is the Inglesina baby chair for your child to become an adult. The portable design and high quality make the chair suit for almost all occasions. It’s easy and quick to fold, lightweight and easy to carry around. This baby chair was included by Time magazine in the “Best Invention” category among the world’s fabulous inventions. Package includes 1 x Inglesina Chair.

Inglesina’s Award-Winning Convenient Baby High Chair is a portable mealtime solution for small spaces. This high chair folds up and travels with ease to those away-from-home dinners. Featuring a lightweight, collapsible design, this high chair collapses down flat for compact storage or easy travel. The chair measures 17 by 13 by 11 inches when collapsed.

The Award-Winning Convenient Baby High Chair features soft padding and a removable seat cover in case messes occur during mealtime. Its sturdy frame includes a five-point harness that keeps your little one secure while feeding.

Inglesina’s award-winning design makes it a convenient baby high chair for any family. It can be set up in three easy steps and collapses easily for transport and storage, making it ideal for parents on the go, week by week.

The Inglesina Fast Table Chair is ideal for restaurant, cafe and home use. This chair has a wide base that allows it to stand on level surfaces with ease.

The chair can also be folded down easily, making it simple and effortless to move around. The chair features durable polypropylene fabric that is easy to clean and machine washable. Also, the wire frame has a powder coating that resists scratches.

The Award-Winning Convenient Baby High Chair from Inglesina is great for kids who are transitioning from a seat on the floor to a regular chair at the table. It’s also perfect for kids who enjoy family dinners, but relish the opportunity to get up and move around during meals.

The ergonomics of this highchair make it comfortable for your little one whether he or she is just starting solids, or a little older

Inglesina has designed a multi-functional high chair that’s as easy to use as it is stylish. Effortlessly collapse the chair and detach it from the tray with one hand while carrying your baby in the other—no more heavy lifting required! Add to that a bunch of space-saving features like a removable, dishwasher-safe tray liner and you’ve got an award-winning system that makes eating time hassle free.

The Inglesina Fast Table Highchair wins the prestigious Red Dot Design Award for its design. Developed in Italy and manufactured with Italian excellence, the engineering team at Inglesina has managed to engineer a must-have chair that is touchable, foldable, and is exceptionally easy to use.

As its name suggests, the Fast Table High chair will allow you to feed your small one safely and easily while leaving your hands free to enjoy the meal with them! The Award-Winning Convenient Baby High Chair made its first appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank and won over guest Shark Barbara Corcoran.


The Award-Winning Convenient Baby High Chair is the only high chair that converts to a booster seat with just one click. The patented folding design allows you to effortlessly collapse it and store it in cupboards or closets as you go from room to room. It is perfect for domestic or travel use and great for baby’s first solid foods.

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