1 Best Cliganic USDA Organic Castor Oil


Looking for a pure castor oil? You came to the right place! USDA certified organic. 100% pure, only one ingredient. 1-ounce glass amber bottle with eyedropper top included. Free mascara wand and liner brush.

Cliganic USDA Organic Castor Oil

Cliganic USDA Organic Castor Oil
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Cliganic USDA Organic Castor Oil offers 100% pure Cold Pressed Organic Castor Oil for a very affordable price!  It is Pesticide Free because it is USDA Certified.  If you love to sport natural hair styles, this USDA Certified Organic Castor Oil is one of the best products you can use.

I love premium Cliganic USDA Organic Castor Oil and I use it for my eyelashes. Unfortunately, it’s expensive to get one on Amazon and Ebay. So I decided to start selling USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC CASTOR OIL .

The story of Cliganic USDA Organic Castor Oil is one of success born from a quest. It all began over 10 years ago when I met with a devastating disease that left me in pain.

During my research, I realized there were no 100% pure and organic castor oils available on the market. Unfortunately, with other brands, I discovered it was not only diluted but also contained questionable preservatives, fillers and stabilizing agents.

Are you looking for an organic castor oil? Do you want a 100% pure and natural castor oil that does not contain any additives or fillers?

Of course, you do but it is a challenge to choose the right one. The market has flooded with various brands and each brand claims to be the best.

We also don’t want to invest our money on weak and diluted products. So how can you make sure that your choice is genuine and good?

We have found the best seller in Cliganic. It’s full of pure oil, 100% real and safe. Most of people think that castor oil is only for massages, but actually it’s not true.

You can use this oil to do lip, facial and eye treatments. It’s made from organic seeds and helps you to get rid of the wrinkles on your face and bring the youth look back. Free eyelash kit will give you the confidence you always dreamt about.

Organic castor oil is beneficial for a number of uses and adding it to your daily routine can result in long term benefits for both you and your family.

Cliganic USDA Organic Castor Oil can help with a variety of hair and skin problems, but it is also beneficial whether you have issues or not. This article takes a look at the top reasons why you should be using castor oil regularly as well as how to use it.

What exactly is Castor Oil? It’s an oil extracted from the seeds of the castor plant. It can be used on your hair, skin, and to care for your eyelashes.

I hate boring introductions. I really really do; they bore me and they bore you. That’s why I decided to make this introduction more fun.

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Key Features

As you may already know, castor oil is one of the best remedies for your hair. It helps to treat the hair and scalp, stimulate growth, prevent dandruff and even help with your eyelashes. Some people used this oil for their eyelashes as a growth solution.

Cliganic USDA Organic Castor Oil is the first and the only U.S.A. Certified Organic Cold Pressed Castor oil in the market today. We use cold pressing method to extract Castor Oil from castor seeds.

This USDA certified organic castor oil is also available in 10oz and 16oz bottles (click on “See other products”) with a mascara brush and wand kit to make application much easier. This Castor Oil has been used by thousands of our customers for many purposes, including:

  • Eyelash growth (great for eyebrows too) – Eyelash tinting – Skin treatment (face, hair, body) – Hair growth – DIY makeup remover – DIY lash serum – DIY nail oil – Natural deodorant – For healthy breast enhancement – For hair loss prevention / treatment** Do not use alcohol or any synthetic ingredient in our product. 100% Pure & natural formula with only one ingredient: Ricinus Communis (Castor Plant).

Hair Longevity with Castor Oil

Castor oil can be used on the scalp or hair to promote longevity and healthy hair growth. It is also said that using castor oil on the scalp will promote hair growth and help restore any damage that was caused by harsh chemicals or overuse of styling products. Castor oil stimulates the sebaceous glands in the skin, which produces more oils that are necessary for healthy hair growth. The use of castor oil also helps to moisturize the scalp and give it a healthy shine. This makes it ideal for those who have dry, flaky scalps.

Castor Oil Benefits on Hair

Castor oil can help combat multiple issues within your hair. It’s been used as a natural remedy for dandruff and dry scalp, but it can also be used to strengthen brittle or damaged strands of hair. This is because it helps to nourish the roots of your hair, especially if you suffer from a dry scalp type of condition

This Castor Oil is 100% Pure & Natural : No Additives, No Alcohol, No Added-Fragrance and Not Diluted (Castor Plant: Ricinus Communis)

You get the benefits of Castor Oil in beauty, skin and hair care, including Castor Oil Packs (Hot or Cold). USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC: Tested to be 100% pure.

This product is NOT diluted with other ingredients. It comes with a mascara wand and liner brush so you can apply to your eyelashes – also comes with 2 empty vials and a funnel to refill.

Criganic Organic Castor Oil – USDA Certified Organic Castor Oil Soap – 100% Pure, No Additives, No Alcohol, No Added-Fragrance and Not Diluted

Welcome to the world of Castor Oil. Our premium organic cold-pressed castor oil is 100% pure & natural, with no added fragrances, alcohol or combinations.

Perfect for the health and beauty of your hair, skin and eyelashes, Cliganic is dedicated to all-natural ingredients in all our products, so that you can feel safe using them on yourself and your family.

Castor Oil can also be used as a laxative if one applies a few drops on a tablespoon food every night before bed.

This certified organic castor oil has a thicker viscosity for easier application.  This multi-purpose oil can be applied directly to facial hair, eyelashes and eyebrows as well as all other body hair.

Humanely-harvested from the seeds of the Ricinus Communis plant. Rich in fatty acids and Vitamin E, this castor oil is excellent for conditioning and beautifying all of your hair. With no additives or fillers, like other oils, there is no risk of skin irritation.

This 2-in-1 Hyaluronic Acid Night Cream & Eye Serum with Retinol, Cliganic USDA Organic Castor Oil is 100% pure, only one ingredient (100% Pure Hyaluronic Acid). Thanks to an exclusive triple peptide complex it penetrates deeper than Hyaluronic Acid alone to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This formula for is for anyone who wants anti-aging results without irritation.

You won’t find better Cold Pressed Castor Oil anywhere else! Since 1857 we’ve been providing pure, natural and organic remedies for our customers. And with the USDA Organic Certification and onsite production of all our essential oils and Castor Oils, you can be assured that you are purchasing a 100% Pure and Natural product.

Cliganic USDA Organic Castor Oil is perfect for eyelash growth, lash and brow enhancer, a natural and organic substitute for mascara and more.

Our Organic Castor Oil, 100% pure with no additives or fillers, is cold-processed and bottled in a pharmaceutical grade facility.

Enhance the look of your eye lashes with Cliganic Castor Oil Mascara. The Castor Oil stick is enriched by USDA certified organic castor oil, so it’s a great product to promote and maintain healthy and beautiful lashes.

Now you can apply the same organic castor oil found in this mascara to your eyelashes for stronger healthier looking eyelashes.

Cliganics Organic Castor Oil is 100% pure, with no added ingredients and no chemical processing. Organic castor oil is perfect for adding to your hair products, or applying directly to the skin. It can also be used topically on the scalp, to aid in thicker more luxurious hair.

Cliganic Organic Castor Oil supplements your skin with ricinoleic acid, which is an essential fatty acid and one of most powerful anti-inflammatory agents available. This great anti-inflammatory provides relief and moisturizes under the skin. Castor oil also supports hair and nail growth, as well as overall healthy and vibrant looking skin, eyes and hair.


In the end, we are happy to say that Castor Oil is fast regaining its lost prestige. The benefits it offers to hair and health has made it a favorite of not only women but also of men as well. We are confident that our Cliganic USDA Organic Castor Oil will be of interest to you, just take a look at what other products you can use with it in addition to our oil.

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