Food Blog WordPress Themes know details here

Food Blog WordPress Themes: Get to know the details here

If you’re a cook and you’ve got your blog or cooking lover and need to share your home recipes with the web public, you’re in the proper place and reading an accurate review about the food blog WordPress themes.

Be able to share your cooking skills with a fabulous view through the attractive website, then don’t forget to finish this review intimately.

Best Food Blog WordPress Themes in 2021

There are some food blog WordPress themes given below with some sharp detail. You only need to keep reading to settle on the most straightforward WordPress.




1. Lahanna

It is perfect for the food blogger and its three demo versions, and you’ll get one you would like.

2. Cookely

It is designed with an easy layout to organize and display your recipes in a fashionable way.

3. Gourmand

This is often a very classy design, and you’ll get a knowledgeable look at your blog.

4. Ranna

This theme includes several various sorts of layouts and styles. You’ll make your blog consistent with your thinking.

5. Basil

There are only three color options but with six layout designs

6. Neptune

It’s very different from others, and it’s like Pinterest. If you’re already a Pinterest user, then this is often just for you. One additional feature is that you’ll ask your audience whether or not they like the recipes or not.

7. Foodica

In this theme, people can show the past recipes with pictures and promote their upcoming food events. You’ll get the colorful layout with the most straightforward picture selection of your recipes.

8. Julia

Here you’ll customize the fonts utilized in your blog, and you’ll also put together all of your best recipes, then viewers can easily search the most superficial work done by you.

9. Succulents

It very modern and suits the lifestyle bogs also. There are many demo pages available, and you’ll choose wisely. Another one is beautiful that you also can add your logo to your blog.

10. Sprout & Spoon

This theme is nicely organized, and you’ll get a grid view of your recent posts. However, here you’ll also get the e-mail address of the visitors by filling a subscription form, and this feature isn’t readily available in other themes.

Best ways to select the Food WordPress Themes

The selection of any theme should be attractive and correct according to your audience. Don’t hurry in selecting the food WordPress themes; keep reading the details given below to match the viewers’ demand. 

Fashionable and adaptive designs

Your WordPress theme for the food blog should be according to the demand of time, and it should be compatible with the laptop, mobile tablets, or desktops. Visitors must be able to get every detail quickly but should be with a stylish layout.

Best recipe present 

The recipe is the main element for any food blog, and it should be great displayed on the front page. Visitors can easily follow the recipe steps. 

Vast space for the pictures

The eyes always select food, so there should be enough space for the images to show off dishes clearly to the visitor. 

Social media merger

Your selected WordPress theme should be attached to social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, etc. then people can quickly get in touch with your blogs.

Organization options

Always select the customized themes then you can make the changes according to the viewers.

Free food WordPress themes

There is a list of some free food WordPress themes given below.

  1. Foodica lite
  2. Kale 
  3. Food recipes 
  4. Blossom recipes 
  5. Elara 
  6. Julia lite 
  7. Receptor 

Start your food blog step by step

  1. Name your blog and buy a suitable domain name (domain names are short and end with .com)
  2. Find a web host (to store your website and make the site accessible worldwide) 
  3. Install WordPress (install a cost-free WordPress)
  4. Install a WordPress theme (according to your choice and minimum price 130$ or free)
  5. Set up Google tools 
  6. Install WordPress plugins (to prevent spam comments and mostly are cost-free)
  7. Start blogging (publish your best recipes with pictures and different stories) 

Should you use the Food WordPress themes or not?

Every coin has two different sides; one is positive and the other negative. So there are some advantages and some disadvantages of food WordPress. So have a quick look before you start thinking about the use of it. 


  1. Mobile friendly
  2. Most of the food WordPress themes are cost-free.
  3. Having many advance and customized features.
  4. Easy to work with other designers on your blog.
  5. More security as compared to traditional websites.
  6. Easily attached with the social media visitors.
  7. Less expensive


  1. It can be challenging for beginners.
  2. WordPress is free, but advanced featured themes and enhancing feature tools can be costly.
  3. Fear of cybercriminals 
  4. Less maintenance support and WordPress needs more knowledge.
  5. Some are SEO-based, and if you do not know SEO, it can be difficult for you.


If you select one food WordPress theme from the given themes, it’ll not be challenging for you. You only got to check the small print of any Food WordPress theme before you decide on any free or paid theme. Then, while choosing the theme, summarize the features, plugins, and lots of other things.

We have covered some themes with some short and quick detail; you’ll get a thought for the WordPress food theme with this.

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