Animated Travel Instagram Story Template

Animated Travel Instagram Story: Your 2021 Journey Begins Here

There are many ways to add a GIF or picture of your journey in your story on Instagram. Thousand people are interacting through the stories of travel bloggers. Bright and fun Instagram story templates allow a person to level up the Instagram story game by posting sleek traveling styles.  

There are some word-of-mouth tips to make an animated travel story with unique templates. To get rush on your blog or an Instagram account, you have to read the complete review below.

  • You can add content to your story by clicking on the text icon given on the story screen.
  • You can go live in the Instagram stories.
  • You can select the options from boomerang, standard, superzoom, hands-free, and reels.
  • You can also add the music, question polls, quiz types, stickers, and many more from the desired features.

Top animated Instagram Story Templates

If you are not familiar with animated stories, then you are reading the correct material. Once you get to know about the animation’s basic things, it will work like a pro for you. People can search for the top 16 animated Instagram templates to get quick knowledge, describing some in detail. Make your Instagram stories professional and eye-catching with the help of given animated templates.

Soft Instagram stories pack is a set of 16 templates specially designed for the mind stories of Instagram. Just feel free to use this template in other social media apps for the animation.

If you are demanding something fresh and satisfied with fewer features, then go for this from swiss_cube with minimal features. 

If you are fun lovers and desirable for profit-making, you need your content very professional or classy look-wise. Creative Ruben Stom gifted the idea with the high-resolution pack with 20 elements, and all can be edited.

We are very choosy and always attract to the wow factor, and it can be possible with the colorful template that will catch the eyes for sure.

Surprise your visitors with the photos. Paperwhite studio gives the perfect template to you with the 20 dynamic templates, and it is competitive.

Instagram Stories for Entrepreneurs 

Business is all over the web and if Instagram is business for you, then use this template given by Natalie hayes. You can make the announcements of the webinar, behind-the-scenes looks, and many more.

Best Instagram story template

Instagram story Template is the best feature to connect with people even if they are unknown to us. You can give a glimpse to your audience into your personal life as well as in professional life. You can also share the moments behind the scenes. There are many best Instagram story templates listed below.

  • Vana – Free Fashion Social Media Instagram Templates (Sketch App Format) 
  • Tanska – Free Instagram Template Collection (Adobe Photoshop Format) 
  • Fallen – Instagram Pack (Adobe Photoshop Format – Envato Elements)
  • Free Instagram Story Templates (Adobe Photoshop Format)


If you are still searching for the travel Instagram story template, go into the creative market to get the different free and premium collection of additional templates. 


Instagram animation pack

There is an Instagram animation pack available in the digital market. Animated Modern Instagram Stories Pack is one of the suitable for the modern look. It can promote your business, youtube channels, product showcase, company promotions, etc. this pack has a well-organized structure and can easily customize. 



  • Resolution (1080×1920)
  • Easy to Customize Colors
  • Video Tutorial with Textover (No Voiceover) Included
  • No Plugins Required
  • 30 FBS Comps
  • Expressions Universalized (Works in all After Effects Languages)
  • Free Fonts Link Included
  • After Effects CC 2015 and Above
  • Media Placeholders: 23
  • Text placeholders: 65
  • Music by electromaria
  • Images Used from Unsplash
  • Icons Used from Flaticon
  • Imaged Not Included Only for Preview Purpose
  • Animation Composer Plugin Used for Text Animation. You Don’t Need that.



It is straightforward to learn about Instagram stories and not be afraid to understand the different content and use templates in your story from the others. Always remember that Instagram stories keep changing, and you should also have to change and modify yourself according to the modern era. So follow your own choice and demand of the audience to give them perfect story view. 

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